N TAXI – Terms and Conditions

N TAXI offers services based on the following current and binding Terms and Conditions, its description of services and its price list. Any deviations of the Terms and Conditions, even if they are not explicitly opposed, shall not be recognized. Special arrangements or deviation of our terms and conditions require specific and explicit recognition and agreement from N TAXI in the written form. The contract between the client and N TAXI is legally only valid if N TAXI confirms the contract.    


The base of our service is the acknowledgement of N TAXI in writing or per phone of the booking order.  Any information or prices from flyers or special offers are only binding if they are the confirmed base of the contract. For the transportation, the Austrian Law of Road Traffic StVO 
“Straßenverkehrsordnung” and the Austrian Law of Passenger Transportation PBefG 
“Personenbeförderungsgesetz” are obligatory and binding.  

Passengers must comply with the instructions given and provided by N TAXI and those provided by N  
TAXI drivers. If passengers act contrary to these instructions, or represent a liability according to the 
Law on Road Traffic, StVO “Straßenverkehrsordnung or the PBefG “Personenbeförderungsgesetz” or imperil the safety of the road traffic by endangering the driver, N TAXI has the right to exclude them from transport. In this case, N TAXI charges the total driving fee, including the fixed price per kilometer as well as all auxiliary and special services.


It is the customer’s duty to notify N TAXI in case of any change of the itinerary or the confirmed pick-up time. Any costs arising from misinformation will be charged to the client. The N TAXI driver will be waiting at the agreed time of pick up at a specified meeting point at the airport terminal, or at a previously arranged and agreed location quoted in the booking order. The driver will be holding a prepared sign with his name, or the name of the company or its logo. By pickup from the office, home address or a hotel, a waiting time from up to 10 minutes is included without extra charge. If, after 15 minutes of waiting, no contact from N TAXI and the customer can be established, the driver will leave without the client. In the case of a missed transfer, there will be no refunds made and the full fare will be charged. The phone number under which the driver can be contacted by the client is on the booking order. Should the client wish for an extension of the waiting time, this will be charged according to the currently valid price list. Should, in case of a pick up at the Airport, the client decides, for whatever reason, not to use the booked driver, the driver will leave and return without the client. In that case the service has been provided and the contract has been fulfilled by N TAXi, and no refunds will be made to the client. 


All Prices are inclusive of the in Austria applicable MwSt. “Mehrwertsteuer” the Vat. “Valuable Gain
Tax”. The prices applicable to the contract are the prices valid on the day of booking. Individual arrangements or flat rates can be arranged in writing or verbally and are only valid for the arranged time, duration and date. Any additional time or transport exceeding that arrangement will be charged according to the currently valid price list. Extra expenses due to delay are covered by the client, unless N TAXI is responsible for the delay. The transport price covers the transport of an individual with a standard sized luggage. Transport of bulky goods requires a separate and previous notification, in accordance with the agreed arrangement with N TAXI. The due amount has to be paid by the client immediately in cash or per credit card to the driver either directly or per invoice (exclusively for corporate clients). In the case of payment with a credit card, the claim is considered to be settled when the full amount has been received and the receipt record has been obtained. If any bills are open, incoming amounts will be used to clear the oldest open bills. For customers, late with payments, N TAXI will charge an extra of 5 % (five percent) of interest. The second and the third reminders will be charged with an extra € 10 - reminder fee. It is the right of the customer to prove a lower amount of damage.


Trips taking place between 23:00 and 5:00 have to be ordered at least 8 hours prior to departure.
All other trips have to be booked at least 2 hours prior to departure. Should you require a booking on short notice, we will do our best to comply. In that case please contact our booking call center from 00:00 till 24:00 under +43 660 6000 160.


Cancellations become effective only if they are submitted to N TAXI in the written form or verbally by phone. If the cancellation is performed in writing, the time of the cancellation will be the one of the arrival of the mail/letter/sms to N TAXI, and not the time when it was delivered. For instance, if N TAXI receives the information of the cancellation after the time of driving, it will be considered as performed, since N TAXI had not received the information of the cancellation in due time, regardless of the time when the customer had sent it, If the cancellation arrives in less than 2 hours before the agreed time of transport, N TAXI charges 50% of the basic price of transport as compensatory damages and 100% of the basic price of transport for a failure to appear for transport

N TAXI charges any costs that may already have arisen to N TAXI regardless of whether the cancellation was received on time.  It is the right of the customer to provide a specific proof that N TAXI has suffered a minor damage or no damage at all. N TAXI reserves the right to withdraw from the Contract, in full or in part, if the client discontinues his payments, goes bankrupt, if it is established, based on the circumstances, that the provided services are misused or that the client has violated his obligation according to the Contract terms.

Clients Obligations and Warranties

It is the responsibility of the client to notify N TAXI without delay of any changes of name, address, legal form, or banking connection. Furthermore the client is obliged to provide the necessary data about passengers, time and place where the service is to be rendered. Failing to comply with the above rules the client will we charged with any costs that have been caused. Also on behalf of the guests, the client accepts not to misuse the services of N TAXI, especially not to 

• interfere with or prevent the service from being delivered 

• cause any damage 

• violate criminal regulations 

• fail to strictly observe the ban on smoking in the car 

• refuse to pay the transport charges 

If a customer violates any of the above rules, N TAXI is entitled to undertake all necessary steps to terminate the misuse. In case of negligent violation the client shall be obliged to compensate for the damage.

N TAXI Warranties

N TAXI compensates damages – independently of the legal bases – only in case of intention or gross negligence as well as negligent violation of essential contractual obligations by N TAXI, its legal representatives or agents fulfilling the contract. 
The Liability in case of injury, endangerment of life, body and health are handled according to the current law.

In the case of material damage the guarantee is limited to € 50, - per passenger. Cars and vehicles are insured with a “Haftpflichtversicherung” a “third party insurance” based on the general insurance. 

Any additional insurance has to be obtained by the client. N TAXI is not liable for any delays of scheduled events and the economic consequences thereof as far as they are not negligently caused by N TAXI such as delays/hold up’s/ caused by 

• Traffic jams, blocked streets, road closures

• Car failures or accidents

• Poor weather conditions

In case of any damage caused by faulty information provided by the client, N TAXI gives no guarantee to the client or passenger.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Place of fulfillment of contradictory obligation and place of jurisdiction is Vienna. The contractual relations between NTAXI and its customers are governed by Austrian law. Austrian courts have exclusive jurisdiction.